It’s Time to Move On

We hear the same problem over and over again about dating apps: “I put so much effort into these apps, but it is still so hard to meet someone I like.” Technology has brought us amazing convenience, but it has also reduced other people to shells: it’s not normal that you can browse for a life partner the same way you shop for a new pair of shoes.

There are a lot of things that are “not normal” in this particular year, but one thing that will never change is that people form relationships by talking to each other. More often than not, the moments that change our lives happen in conversation: we spark new ideas, uncover new passions, share our pain, and experience the uniquely human joy of slowly discovering how another person’s mind works.

The gap between the current state of dating technology and its potential to create these moments that make up a life is yawning. While dating apps have undeniably made it easier to meet profiles, they’ve arguably made it harder to meet people. Online profiles make it possible to stalk someone’s entire identity before sitting down for a first date — but they still aren’t enough to tell whether the date will be a flop. Swiping has turned into a numbers game — why not say yes to everyone if only a few will turn into real conversations? Texting is impersonal, inefficient, and has become a source of overthinking and stress, as if we needed more of that in modern life.

We built Voicebar to re-humanize 21st century dating. To strip away the extra layers and bring dating back to what it’s supposed to be — just two people getting to know each other. We do that by putting you in touch with a real person for a real conversation. We learn what type of people you like better than any other dating app, because you give us feedback after talking to your matches. And we make it seamless to schedule dates — technology should be put to work for us and our relationships, not the other way around.

We’re proud to have an incredible team working to make this vision a reality. Since creating a viral dating app in college, Anna has continued to build products that delight and bring people together, whether in one-on-one friendships or broader communities. As a think tank leader, Rachael has built world class-teams and advised organizations on how to (responsibly) create value through technology. More recently, she founded a platform to support and empower community spaces. Ever since we met at Harvard eight years ago, we’ve been dreaming up ways to use technology to solve big problems — and what could be more impactful than reclaiming our collective humanity? Together, we’re working hard to harness technology to create life-changing conversations and moments. Dating is just the beginning.

Anna & Rachael

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